Education, Empowerment, Achievement

Everyone’s goals and health journey are different. You might be recently diagnosed with a condition, or have a variety of issues that you’ve been struggling with for some time. Or, maybe you feel well but want to take a proactive, preventative approach to health and want a team to guide you, and community to support you. Regardless of how you got here, these are some of the benefits we can help you achieve:

Increased energy and vitality.

Better sleep.

Improved digestive health and abdominal symptoms.

Hormone balance.

Improved strength and activity performance.

Reduction and/or elimination of medications.

Better memory and elimination of brain fog.

True understanding of your illness and symptoms.

Teaching, Empowering, Connecting

The latin root of the word physician is “teacher,” and we believe education is at the core of your health care team’s role. Science has given us an amazing amount of information about how the body works and how to create health and reverse disease. Our goal is to teach you this and provide the tools and support you need to implement the necessary changes in your life. We accomplish this by doing the following:

Listening to your complete story.

Looking for all issues that may be impacting your health.

Creating a timeline of your health history.

Constructing a map that shows your imbalances, internally and in lifestyle.

Establishing an active partnership with you.

Working with you to create a personalized treatment plan that is realistic to implement.

Providing follow up and support, adapting when necessary to achieve success.

Personal, Empathic, Innovating

The medical industrial complex forces a one-sized fits all approach that focuses on tests, procedures and prescription medication. Generally, this only masks your issues while keeping you sick. We do the opposite. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health by helping you understand root causes that make you ill, and reversing them. Below are some of the ways you’ll find us different than other medical offices:

Trained in and use Functional Medicine, rather than outdated and ineffective models.

Identify and address root causes, rather than only treating symptoms.

Allow as much time as you need in office visits.

Provide both 1-on-1 visits and group classes.

Use electronic communication for follow-up, coaching, and quick questions.

Include functional health coaching.

Work regularly with complementary health & wellness providers.

Welcome from Dr. David Gordon

The Four Pillars of Health


Food is many things. Food is energy. Food is information. Food is connection…and Food is also medicine. What we eat is one of the key pillars of our health. Feeling strong, vibrant and energetic is greatly influenced by what we eat. Unfortunately, we have easy, cheap access to foods that have little value and are key contributors to disease and dysfunction. A plan is crucial for you to start making food create your health, rather than harm it.


The human body is meant to move. Unfortunately for most, we have jobs that keep us in a chair throughout the day, and much of our entertainment or personal time also involves sitting. Movement is a crucial piece of our health puzzle and thankfully there are a wealth of options available to get and keep you moving.


Stress is one of the major contributors to poor health and disease. In our technology-driven world of chronic stimulation and information overload, our bodies struggle to enter rest-and-repair mode. Using methods that fit your life, it's crucial to learn how to decrease stress, improve sleep, and let your bodies innate healing processes take over.


Research has shown that having supportive social connection is more important for health than nutrition, exercise, or even whether you smoke. In fact, the unifying features of ``blue zones,`` where people live the longest and healthiest on Earth, are strong community and relationships. It’s easy to become isolated, even when you see and interact with people daily. It's important to find ways to increase your connection to others and revive the support structure that historically was commonplace.

Our Membership Benefits

1-on-1 Visits

Regular visits with both your Functional Medicine practitioner and health coach personalize your evaluation and treatment.

Group Visits

Learn more about your diagnoses, get ideas for implementing treatment plans, and share experiences in condition-specific groups that meet regularly.

Group Classes

Regular classes on a variety of health topics such as nutrition, fitness, relaxation, sleep, and stress management, including experiential learning such as cooking classes and grocery store tours.

Home Coaching

Stay engaged & on track in-between visits using a health tracking & coaching app where you can log the information important to you and interact with your coach.

Nutraceutical Discounts

35% off high-quality professional-grade vitamins and supplements delivered directly to your home.

Personalized Fitness Training

Discounts on 1-on-1 personal training at Peak Physique, our Personal Training Partner with whom we work to customize your fitness regimen.

Community Support

Enjoy the benefits of community both in the office and outside it through our group programs and online private forums.

Discounts on Health & Wellness Services

Access to and discounts on a variety of complementary services with our community partners.

Happy Members

Dr. Gordon is just as interested in keeping his patients healthy as curing their ills. I have never had or heard of a doctor who has info sessions on exercise and eating properly in conjunction with professionals in those fields. A Doctor who is dedicated to keeping all his patients healthy in as natural a way as possible.


I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Gordon. I have been a patient to many years. Dr. Gordon has taught me so much about my own health. He has taught me that I always have a choice of what I put into my body. How it will affect my metabolism. He knows what nutrients and supplements my body needs. I have learned how to eat healthy, exercise walk. Basically, that I am responsible for my health. Dr. Gordon listens to all of my concerns. Dr. Gordon explains everything. I trust his decisions.


To me, Dr. Gordon is the best of the 21st century holistic approach: accessible via electronic means (scheduling, email), flexible on appointment lengths depending on your needs, and open to non-traditional Western methods, such as herbal remedies vs. a quick Walgreens prescription. He's also well read and up to date on concerns about medications. He looks at the causes of conditions and illnesses, and is not content to just treat the symptoms by writing out a prescription.


To Dr. Gordon, wellness isn't merely the absence of disease. Rather, it's finding balance and harmony among factors such as nutrition, energy, exercise, and rest. Most importantly, it's working toward prevention of disease.


Dr. David Gordon is the most thorough and professional Doctor I have ever dealt with. He is willing to spend as much time as you need to listen to you concerns and discuss solutions. He thinks outside the typical medical "box". I feel VERY lucky to have him as my primary care physician.


If you are fortunate enough to make it on to Dr. Gordon's limited client list, be prepared to experience an comprehensive and caring level of service you've probably not had before. I believe he limits his patient list so he can spend the time he needs to create a holistic course of treatment for each patient. He's incredibly thorough and methodical, and a nice, kind man as well. I for one, so value that combination. If you just want medication for symptoms, you'll want a different doctor.


Dr. Gordon has a level of skill, knowledge, dedication to his profession and toward his patients that is exemplary. He takes the time to help me work proactively on improving health not just waiting until something goes wrong and medicates it. I went from a heart attack 4 years ago to having the cardiovascular health of a healthy active man 20+ years younger than my age. The professional staff were amazed at the results of my stress treadmill test.


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