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June 3, 2020

Introverts Can Help Too

Thank you to everyone that has protested and spoke out following George Floyd’s murder. Thank you to everyone that has fought for and continues to fight for exposing and dest

November 14, 2018

There’s Another Way…

Think about the last time you needed medical advice for an illness or injury. How many treatment options did your doctor offer you?  When I ask people that question, the most comm

June 20, 2018

Part 3: The Future

[to learn the beginning of the story, be sure to read the first post – Part 1: Time for Change] For the longest time, I never considered not having my own private practice, ev

June 20, 2018

Part 2: Burnout

[to learn the beginning of the story, be sure to read the first post – Part 1: Time for Change]  Burnout has many definitions, but it’s commonly defined as the loss of enth

June 20, 2018

Part 1: Time for Change

I don’t know how common it is to give up something that has been the single professional focus of your life. Maybe it happens more than I think. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way, i

September 12, 2017

Tackling Your Toxins

Today’s world is full of dangerous toxins. However, with some awareness and insight, there are ways to reduce your exposure to toxins.

May 22, 2017

Quick Stress Tips

Have you ever experienced: Feeling overwhelmed? Scattered? Pulled in 100+ different directions? Your mind in overdrive? Afraid of saying no because you don’t want to disappoint?

April 14, 2017

Social Isolation and Loneliness are as Unhealthy as Smoking 15 Cigarettes a Day, Alcoholism, or Obesity

"Loneliness and social isolation are just as much a threat to longevity as obesity, smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic" as documented in a study done by Brigham Youn

December 4, 2016

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health While Saving Money

1) Start saving money with grocery store shopping. Shop the perimeters of the store where you will find delicious whole foods. This way you can ditch the processed, addictive foods

November 12, 2016

Fat is Not Evil

One of the first things I like to make clear to anyone starting to pay attention to what they eat is that fat is not evil. Let that sink in for a minute because if you were listeni

What's On Your Plate?

What’s On Your Plate?

Nutrition is one of the 4 pillars to achieving optimal health and wellness. I want to expand upon that by looking both at what I mean by good nutrition, as well as some practical things we can do to implement positive changes. Of note, I will use diet and nutrition interchangeably. Unfortunately,...