Our Team

David Gordon, MD

David Gordon, MD

Founder of 4 Pillars Functional Medicine, Medical Doctor

Founder of 4 Pillars Functional Medicine. His one primary goal is creating a home where members become empowered to create health. His role as a physician is to be your guide, teacher, and mentor on that journey.

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Julie Olson, BCHN, CN

Functional Health Coach, Certified Nutritionist

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Julie Olson CN, BCHN, is a Certified Nutritionist and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. As a Functional Health Coach for 4 Pillars Functional Medicine, Julie’s passion is to inspire, educate and guide people to take charge of their health.

With a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Julie worked for two decades in the media industry including Warner Bros. Pictures. During this time, Julie’s life took an unexpected turn when her mother progressed to stage-3 cancer. This was Julie’s catalyst for going back to school where she received a diploma of Comprehensive Nutrition at Huntington College of Health Sciences. Julie began her career as a Nutritional Health Coach at a nationwide natural foods store where she coached over 300 people, trained 35+ employees monthly, and taught nutrition and cooking classes weekly, as well as lectures at corporations and community organizations.  Julie has been featured in television and radio segments. Some of her favorite topics include the microbiome (gut health), food sensitivities, and the Paleo lifestyle.

Some quotes from Julie’s coaching clients and classes:

  • “Julie is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun and interesting”
  • “Julie really listens and empowers me to make my own decisions – I feel better than I have ever felt”
  • “Now I understand and I am motivated to make some dietary changes”
  • “Julie walks her talk”

Described as an “info junkie,” Julie enjoys reading, researching and learning. When not behind the computer or a book, you can find her enjoying life’s little indulgences at a coffee shop or trying a different restaurant. She enjoys hiking, biking, camping, skiing, cooking and working out. Julie is an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the National Speakers Association.