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Dr. Dave is an expert in medical cannabis (marijuana & hemp/CBD), alongside his extensive training and experience in integrative and functional medicine.

He speaks regularly to patient and practitioner communities, bringing guidance and support to the use of medical cannabis, especially as part of a comprehensive integrative medicine approach.

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Academic Cannabis 101 Presentation

Podcast Appearances

Brave New Weed

New Year, New Thought: Cannabis As A Gateway Drug to Health

Dr. Dave and host Joe Dolce discuss how to think of cannabis as a gateway drug in the modern sense, as a gateway to positive health, positive habits, positive thinking, and even positive social change.

Dank Discussions

Cannabis and the 4 Pillars of Health

Dr. Dave and host Maynard Breslow discuss cannabis research and education, as well as “implementing effective cannabis therapies to patients who want to utilize this powerful plant as part of their health and wellness regimen.”

Lit & Lucid

Cannabis and PTSD

Dr. Dave joins an esteemed panel to discuss the role of cannabis in Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD). They review what PTSD is, why conventional treatments are sub-par, and the amazing impact cannabis can have for these patients.

The Primary Care Podcast

Root Cause Medicine and Chronic Disease

With host and medical student Ross Tannick, Dr. Dave tells his story and journey through internal medicine residency in Colorado and breaks down his methods of practicing root-cause medicine and treating/preventing chronic disease.

The Primary Care Podcast

Medical Cannabis

With host and medical student Ross Tannick, Dr. Dave reviews risks and benefits, uses, misconceptions, and what the literature and research say on the topic of cannabis medicine.

Dr. Dave on The Alternative Blend

Cannabis and Integrative Medicine

Renowned Colorado Physician, Dr. Dave, reveals how cannabis became part of his medical treatment plan for his patients. Understand how more doctors are also using it as an essential part of an integrative treatment plan for everything from pain, seizures, anxiety, sleep and more.

A Story of Survival

Dr. Dave returns with a special patient… Angie Lawrence to discuss how she survived diseases that almost took her life. By finding Dr. Dave she returned from the brink. Her story of survival can help everyone understand how cannabis can be used to treat the most serious of health conditions as part of an integrative medical plan.

The Vaping Crisis (10/10/19)

Dr. Dave sits down with us to talk about the current vaping crisis that has taken over. He discusses possible causes for the crisis and shares his opinions and theories.

Discussions & Panels

21st Century Cannabis: The Vaping Crisis (10/24/19)

21st Century Cannabis: The Endocannabinoid System Q & A (2/20/19)

Cannabis Discussion with Lauren Ostrey of Functional Performance Center (5/2/20)

Other Events and Presentations