Part 3: The Future

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For the longest time, I never considered not having my own private practice, even though I knew I wasn’t happy. In fact, accepting and allowing that option to surface was fairly traumatic, and resulted in several months of severe anxiety and depression. 

However, once I allowed the option of closing my practice to exist, my negative symptoms resolved. It became easy to look at things clearly, and to approach my choices both analytically and emotionally. In time, it turned out to be a really obvious decision for me. In my brain and in my heart, I knew closing the practice was the right choice.  I’m finishing this narrative now, almost 3 months after I closed my practice, and the decision feels even more correct today. 

Interestingly enough, I closed my practice without a specific plan of what I would do next. I decided to let things unfold naturally for a change.

While frightening in one sense, it has actually been quite a relief to not have a specific plan I need follow. I try not to set any specific expectations for myself, and instead aim to simply follow the path that feels right. It’s definitely a new way of doing things for me, but it’s working rather well. This approach has led me to the medical cannabis world. It’s an area of health that is poorly understood, both by practitioners and by patients, and is sorely lacking in quality education and guidance — two passions of mine. 

It’s also been a great way to continue educating people about functional medicine, and helping them incorporate the concept into their health care. The majority of those seeking medical cannabis consultations have already been chewed up by the conventional medical system, and are looking for better options to address their health concerns. 

While cannabis can be a valuable tool, it’s still only a small piece of the puzzle, and being able to introduce these patients to functional medicine and root cause resolution has been amazingly fulfilling.This story doesn’t have an ending. While the brick-and-mortar practice is closed, 4 Pillars Functional Medicine remains alive and well. For me, I am allowing my path and career to unfold with only the hope to continue serving as an educator and guide, empowering those who recognize that the health care system is not their answer to great health, but that they themselves are.

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This website will continue to remain active. Look for ongoing blogs exploring my 20+ years of experience in health care. 

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Best in Health,
David Gordon MD, ABOIM, IFMCP

David Gordon


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  • Molly Jansen
    June 26, 2018 at 4:48 pm

    I really enjoyed your story! I am going through a similar Transformation with my law practice. I can relate to much of your thoughts articulated in this article and I’m very happy that you are explaining the next steps in your life! We do miss you though!

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