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Dr. Kurt’s Place

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Kurt Perkins, DC CCWP CFMP

4239 N Nevada Ave, #104
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

(719) 602-4545


Helping busy professionals regain their productivity and life enjoyment from the ill effects of chronic illness through the power of functional and lifestyle medicine


Functional Medicine

A systematic approach of looking at your health challenges through systems and origins, not merely symptoms and organs. You can’t alter one system without affecting all of them. No symptom is stupid.

Lifestyle Medicine

Your health challenge isn’t a result of not enough medication or too many body parts. Your choices, experiences, and exposures are what shapes your health. Therefore, your lifestyle is also the solution.

Membership Chiropractic

Many love the benefits of chiropractic care but discontinue due to the cost. We believe regular care enhances life expression, so have we removed the high per-visit price tag and created memberships.

Community Outreach

Believing that the success of a community is directly proportional to the health of that community, Dr. Kurt is perpetually creating and delivering health impacting content throughout Colorado Springs.
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