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Fortitude Functional Nutrition

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Julie Olson BCHN, CN, B.Sc., Dip.C.N

Denver, CO


Provides Root Cause Resolutions to Conquer Chronic Health Problems Through Nutrition

Trying to sort through the complexity of today’s nutritional landscape can be overwhelming.  Keeping up with the latest information and new ideas can make it even more confusing to figure out what will work for you.  It’s easy to give up.  

Trying multiple supplements, plans and products, changing diets, and trying the latest program only makes it more complicated.  What works? Why do I still feel awful? Who should I trust? Why can’t I lose weight? Why won’t my skin problems go away? Why don’t I have any energy? Why does my brain fog persist? Why am I still bloated?

The approach at Fortitude Functional Nutrition is to dig deep to find the root causes. To conquer them once and for all, you will get a personalized solution based on your body’s needs, imbalances and physiology.  Utilizing proven tools and processes, Julie will customize a step-by-step plan to fortify your health.

For almost a decade and counting, hundreds of clients have implemented the recommendations, plans and guidance that Julie has provided. The results have been radiant skin, clear-focused mind, and higher energy – with relief from cough, runny nose and bloating. There’s nothing like fortifying your health.

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