L.I.F.E. Medicine Institute

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L.I.F.E. Medicine Institute

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L.I.F.E. Medicine Institute

Dr. Brent Jaster, MD

1805 S Bellaire Street, Suite 101
Denver, CO 80222

Tel: 800.651.7126

What WE Do (together)

  • If you are ready for a new health care experience, that is authentically about Health and Care
  • If you want more time with your doctor, to be listened to and met where you are…
  • If you are looking for healingcompassioncommunitycreativity, and/or collaboration
  • If you are concerned about your feelings of isolation, while living with a chronic condition…
  • If your goal is to reverse a disease process, decrease medications, or make lasting changes
  • If you have a desire to integrate different healing options

L.I.F.E. Medicine has a solution!

Together we will do more for your Health and Well-Being than you knew possible. We offer more comprehensive lab testing, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle change opportunities and support, expert resources, and much much more. We want you to say “Wow.”

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