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Integrative, Herbal & Cannabis Medicine

with Dr. Sarah Cohen, MD

1127 Pennsylvania Street

Denver, CO 80203


Evidence-based comprehensive medical consults informed by heart, science, and many many teachers.

Dr. Sarah Cohen, M.D. is an Integrative Medicine physician dedicated to the best practices in health care. Dr. Cohen has traveled the earth to study botanical medicine in various continents. She completed a hospital-based Internal Medicine training with the Thomas Jefferson University Health System in Philadelphia, PA., and a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. Dr. Sarah Cohen is well positioned to integrate a wide spectrum of clinical insights, and observes that it is at the meeting place between time-honored healing wisdom and modern science where medicine is most marvelous and effective. 

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is the heart of my practice. From my perspective, is all of the following tenets.

  • Prevention and healing oriented, rather than disease-driven.

  • Recognizes the innate capacity of the body to repair itself

  • Honors the doctor-patient relationship such that the patient is empowered to be their own best health advocate

  • Considers the whole person in the body-mind-energetic continuum

  • Envisions the ecology of health.

  • Open-minded as well as scientifically discerning

  • Uses natural, less invasive strategies whenever possible

  • Prescribes pharmaceuticals when necessary best practice

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