The Healing Collective

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The Healing Collective

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The Healing Collective Functional Medicine

Tracy Shulsinger, FNP-C, MSN

Denise Basch, PA-C, MMS

Boulder, CO


Phone: 720-572-5236


Your healing journey has led you here.  Let’s continue together.
“We believe the body contains infinite healing capabilities.
We are devoted to support your body’s intelligence 
to heal itself and to sustain a life of wellness.”
What do we do?
Utilizing functional medicine, we partner with you in support of your healing journey: from insight to healing, from healing 
to wellness, from wellness to thriving, and, ultimately, to living as the best version of your whole self. 
Throughout the process we hold the vision of you as fully balanced, well and thriving. 
How do we serve you?
 We support your body’s ability to heal itself by identifying what is missing, and replacing it,; and identifying what is in excess, and removing it. Balance helps to restore the body’s natural state of health and wellness. We offer an integrative approach with personalized care to work with you to resolve chronic or confusing conditions..

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