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Scheduling Instructions

Pick appointment duration per recommendations below

A credit card is required to hold the appointment but will not be charged until after your visit

After scheduling, check your email (including junk mail) to setup a patient portal and then complete the intake questionnaires found in the patient portal


Schedule a 10 minute phone call ($47) if…

you are an established patient and have quick questions or follow-up concerns

DO NOT use this visit type for re-certification of your medical cannabis card

Schedule a 25 minute visit ($127) if…

you are getting a new or renewal of your medical cannabis certification and have minimal questions or health concerns

you would like general education about cannabis or integrative medicine but not detailed guidance and recommendations

you want a follow-up visit and have limited questions and are doing well

Schedule a 50 minute visit ($247) if…

you are new to cannabis and would like more detailed guidance and recommendations

you are getting a new card or renewing your card but are struggling with treatment, need more guidance, or have multiple questions

you are scheduling an integrative follow-up and reviewing multiple lab results, are struggling with treatment, or have multiple questions

Schedule a 75 minute visit ($367) if…

you would like a comprehensive integrative medicine consultation with detailed written recommendations

you feel you simply need the extra time to discuss whatever your concerns are

For a minimal cost consultation with a cannabis nurse, click here for more information

One-on-One Cannabis Educationleaf411-logoFor minimal cost, reliable cannabis education and directional support, please connect with Leaf411. You can call and speak live to a cannabis trained nurse right now, or check out their website for additional support.